Monday, September 09, 2002

Robert G. Kaiser, writes an insightful article in the Washington Post proving that there are still a few intelligent and honest individuals in our nation who are willing to tell the "truth and nothing but the truth."

Mr. Kaiser realizes that the whole picture changed when Bush CAVED to Sharon's demands and added Palestinian "freedom fighters" to his list of terrorists: "But the most important decision that fed our allies' anxiety about revived American unilateralism was last June's change of course on the Middle East."

In the months that followed, Shrubites embraced the strategy advocated by members of the "Bush/Sharon Axis," headed by Sharon, Netanyahu, Perle and Wolfowitz and...voila...the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was removed from the front pages and replaced by...Saddam Hussein and, predictably, call for another...WAR!

In the best tradition of right-wingers, the ARROGANCE and self-righteousness of members of the "Bush/Sharon Axis" have triggered resentment by friend and foe alike.

Mr. Kaiser writes: "What is the purpose of poking an American finger in the eye of just about every country in the world? What does the administration hope to gain by emphasizing unilateral options, from declaring war without Congress to telling other nations to sign up or get out of the way? Does such bullying ever pay off in politics, domestic or international?"

Again, Mr. Kaiser realizes that the Administration "changed horses in midstream" and, instead of following its war against the Taliban an al Qaeda with a "Marshall Plan II," it changed direction and pointed its guns toward Iraq instead.

For reasons that escape me, right-wingers, both in Israel and the U.S., seem convinced that the war against HATRED can be won by triggering more hatred:

"Multilateralism was critical to the administration's early successes in the war on terrorism, which makes it all the more surprising that the Bush administration abandoned it so quickly. Beginning with the December decision to withdraw from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, a succession of policy choices revived the administration's reputation for unilateralism and infuriated old allies. Why did this happen?

The answer begins with the White House itself. If we know remarkably little about al Qaeda, we should also acknowledge ignorance about many of the inner workings of the administration. This is a secretive American government."

Again, Mr. Kaiser is right-on-the-mark. Bush, a guy SElected by five U.S. Supremes to sit in the Oval office, transformed his Administration into the most SECRETIVE in modern U.S. history.

Hopefully, the American people will WAKE UP before it is too late. "Crusaders," particularly those intent on proving they are not wimps, are VERY dangerous and arrogant individuals.


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