Sunday, September 01, 2002

How to make ENEMIES and LOSE influence in the world is, seemingly, Bush's mantra.

In an article entitled: "Diplomatic Gap Between U.S., Its Allies Widens" written by Glenn Kessler and published in the Washinton Post, Bush states:

"At West Point in June, Bush offered a dramatically different vision. He claimed the right to preemptively attack any nation that the United States deems a threat while at the same time suggesting the creation of an international system without great power rivalry -- but dominated by the might of the United States. "America has, and intends to keep, military strengths beyond challenge, thereby making the destabilizing arms races of other eras pointless, and limiting rivalries to trade and other pursuits of peace," Bush said."

If the Bush administration's policy is to trigger growing HATRED against the U.S., he couldn't have made a more effective statement.

Egypt's foreign minister has it right when he states:

"This administration has too many ideologues and too many people that come with baggage. They come with an ideology that is confrontational, that is 100 percent sure of its righteousness," said Maher, the Egyptian foreign minister. The country is "so sure of its power and concentrated on itself that concentration does not allow it to perceive its own interests. Stability in the world. Rules that everybody abides by. That is in the interests of the U.S."

The sympathy the world had shown for the U.S. after 9/11 has practically evaporated as a result of the ARROGANCE displayed by right-wing members of the "Bush/Sharon Axis" who talk about "consultation" but... firmly REJECT the advice of even the U.S.'s closest allies.

I cannot think of a single nation, with the exception of Israel, that has supported the pre-emptive military action against Iraq.

Bibi Netanyahu clearly enunciated the policies presently being pursued by Bushites a few months ago. Having CAVED to Sharon, Bush and his right-wing cohorts decided to pursue the strategy proposed by TelAviv, namely, to restructure the region in THEIR image by getting rid of leaders who are in their way, regardless of consequences.

To think that Bush junior, an individual who never expressed the slightest interest in foreign policy and didn't realize until age FORTY that living in a constant state of alcoholic stupor is stupid, is the guy in charge of making such a momentous decision as leading this great nation into an UNprovoked mindboggling.

And, finally, the question that remains to be answered is: WHY is an ex-alcoholic allowed to have his finger on the nuclear trigger?


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