Wednesday, August 28, 2002

It has become increasingly clear that DOUBLE STANDARDS are what the Bush administration is all about. As a result of such an approach to foreign policy, they have managed to antagonize friend and foe alike.

In an article entitled "Double Standards Make Enemies," Salman Rushdie writes:

"The entire Arab world would be radicalized and destabilized. What a disastrous twist of fate it would be if the feared Islamic jihad were brought into being not by the al Qaeda gang but by the president of the United States and his close advisers"

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While members of the "Bush/Sharon Axis" are determined to intervene militarity in Iraq to establish a "democratic, pluralistic society," they embrace members of the Saudi royal family, one of the most repressive monarchies in the Arab/Muslim world.

Again, in the words of Rushdie:

"However, during the past year the Bush administration has made a string of foreign policy miscalculations, and the State Department conference must acknowledge this. After the brief flirtation with consensus-building during the Afghan operation, the United States' brazen return to unilateralism has angered even its natural allies."

Members of the "Bush/Sharon Axis" have attempted to downplay the Israeli-Palestinian conflict given that Sharon always opposed the establishment of a Palestinian state. Rushdie strongly disagrees and writes as follows:

"Inevitably, the reasons lie in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Like it or not, much of the world thinks of Israel as the 51st state, America's client and surrogate, and Bush's obvious rapport with Ariel Sharon does nothing to change the world's mind. Of course the suicide bombings are vile, but until America persuades Israel to make a lasting settlement with the Palestinians, anti-American feeling will continue to rise; and if, in the present highly charged atmosphere, the United States does embark on the huge, risky military operation suggested Monday by Vice President Dick Cheney, then the result may very well be the creation of that united Islamic force that was bin Laden's dream. Saudi Arabia would almost certainly feel obliged to expel U.S. forces from its soil (thus capitulating to one of bin Laden's main demands). Iran -- which so recently fought a long, brutal war against Iraq -- would surely support its erstwhile enemy, and might even come into the conflict on the Iraqi side."

It has become increasingly clear that the Bush Poppy and Bush Junior have parted ways on the issue of Iraq.

Once Poppy realized that his kid was determined to intervene militarily in Iraq, alone if necessary, he publicly admonished Shrub-the-Crusader. Using intimate friends such as Scowcroft and Baker as proxies, Poppy delivered a strong warning that reflects his obvious concern that such an action may indeed trigger a major all-out war with unpredictable consequences.

As for Colin Powell...I suspect that at this critical junction he has been ORDERED to come out strongly in support of the "Crusader for Jesus" or...else.

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Powell will side with hardline members of the "Bush/Sharon Axis" or, cling to his principles and follow the dictates of his conscience by...RESIGNING!.


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