Friday, August 16, 2002

Members of the "Bush/Sharon Axis" are determined to DRAG the U.S. into WAR!

Any doubts that right-wing Israelis and their U.S. cohorts are determined to DRAG the U.S. into WAR are dispelled in the following article.

A "greater Israel" has always been Sharon's ultimate objective and, in the aftermath of 9/11, he found the opening he has been waiting for once the Shrub CAVED to his DEMANDS and added Palestinian "freedom fighters" to the U.S. list of "terrorists."

A war against Iraq would provide the cover Sharon needs to expel Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza and, as opposition to a U.S. incursion into Iraq grows daily, both at home and abroad, I suspect that right-wingers in the U.S. and Israel will soon move into DISinformation mode since they have mastered this "art."

In fact, they have just launched their first salvo

Hopefully, the American people will NOT allow themselves to be dragged into another BLOODY conflict....a conflict that right-wing ISRAELIS perceive as a threat to THEIR nation while attempting to convince us it is a threat to ours.

While Saddam is undoubtedly a mean character, the FACT is that he values HIS neck more than he values anything else. Consequently, it is highly unlikely that he would attack his neighbors or the U.S. [laughable] at this point in time.

Had it not been for U.S. support during the eighties [Reagan-Poppy], Saddam would have been unable to continue waging his war against Iran. It was only after he tried to "annex" Kuwait, a nation that was not on Poppy's "to do" list, that the U.S. turned against him without proper warning.

As was often the case during the Nixon-Kissinger and Reagan-Poppy years, foreigners were USED as proxies to wage wars the U.S. deemed in its best interests. was inevitable that sooner or later such a callous approach would backfire.

It did...on 9/11, after two individuals bearing the names most hated in the Arab/Muslim world, Bush and Sharon, were entrenched in positions of power.

Osama bin Laden was practically created during the late eighties and early nineties as the U.S. USED Afghanis as proxy fighters in its battle against the Soviet Union. Again, once the Soviets retreated, Poppy turned his back on those whom he had used.

Sooooo...when his KID asked the question: WHY do they hate us....the answer is very simple: Arab/Muslims resent being USED by arrogant, right-wing bullies such as the Bushes and their right-wing cohorts.


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