Thursday, August 08, 2002

Your tax dollars at work....

Ahhhh....the "good ol'" Poppy days are here again. Zillions and more zillions are being thrown at defense contractors and beltway bandits totally unchecked...NO audits...NO questions asked.

"When it comes to defense, money is NO object" was the ol' Reagan-Poppy mantra that has been reaffirmed by his KID...with a vengeance.

And, with the Carlyle Group deeply entrenched in defense contract investments, it is clear that Bush monarchists are filling their pockets with BLOOD money as well.

The Pentagon believes in Santa Claus writes Mary McGrory in the Washington Post and, in the best Bush tradition, SECRECY is the name of the game.

"So anxious are the president and his civilian cohorts to get this highly dubious undertaking underway that they are reverting to the "buy before you try" standard of Caspar Weinberger, to whom the bang was more important than the buck. George Bush is trying to push missile defense so far and so fast that no successor will be able to reverse course, and hang the tests, which so far have proved nothing." writes Ms. McGrory and she is right-on-the-mark.

The "good ol' days" are here again. But then, what could we expect from the good ol' Iran-Contra Gang?

It is no wonder that the two names most hated in the Arab/Muslim world, Bush and Sharon, attracted the Mother of ALL Terrorist attacks on our nation on 9/11.

The question was not IF but simply WHEN bin Laden would attack....somehow, our intelligence agencies missed what should have been obvious when these two right-wing hardliners were allowed to govern their respective nations.


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