Friday, August 02, 2002

The time has come for Israelis to decide whether they want to live in peace with their neighbors and allow the establishment of a VIABLE Palestinian state, or, if they will follow Sharon, a right-wing hardliner whose ultimate objective is the establishment of a "greater Israel" by squeezing Palestinians out of Gaza and the West Bank.

The latter scenario would ensure that the war against hatred will simply trigger more hatred that translates into...TERRORISM.

Arab/Muslim nations have shown their willingness to accept Israel as a neighbor by officially acknowledging their existence as a Jewish state. Marwan Muasher, Jordan's Foreign Minister, speaks for all Arab/Muslims when he writes:

"The EU, the United Nations and the Arab world have heeded President Bush's call for international cooperation to restore momentum to the process and, by doing so, infuse the region with some measure of confidence in the future.

We have gone as far as we possibly can without strong American leadership. Now it is time for President Bush to join us in pressing ahead. Only then can we expect Prime Minister Sharon to participate in a constructive manner. Otherwise, we are left without a peace partner and without the possibility of achieving President Bush's vision."

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