Monday, December 25, 2006

Will Bush invade Iran to save his personal legacy?

I agree with Mark Parent who writes:

But Bush can’t stop now. He figures his legacy as a disgrace to America and all mankind can be postponed or perhaps somehow even reversed if he could have just a little more time.

Time for what? Could it be that Bush truly intends to carry out the full neoconservative program in the Middle East, complete with more regime changes?

Could spreading his most spectacular failure to Iran and Syria make Iraq seem merely a “catastrophic success“? Are even Bush and Cheney stupid enough to think an air war against Iran will accomplish anything other than forcing their withdrawal from the Treaty on the Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, pushing their rebellious populace back into the arms of the Mullahs, driving the price of oil over $200 a barrel and beginning a brand new war in Iraq against the Iran-friendly Shia whom the U.S. has spent hundreds of thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars installing in power?

The thought that Cheney-Bush and their neoconservative cohorts might attack yet another Muslim nation would strike me as a bad joke were it not for the fact that these individuals have shown such incompetence and bad judgment during the past six years. Nothing would surprise me.

The rational suggestions proposed by the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group have seemingly been totally rejected by the "know-it-alls" in the White House, according to the latest news coming from Condi Rice and her bosses.

Instead of talking to Iran, a fleet of U.S. navy ships was dispatched to its neighborhood. I wonder what we would do if Iran parked its warships on our coasts.

Instead of replying to two long letters sent by the Iranian President, one to Bush and one to the American people, the word from the White House is: We won't reply because they know what they MUST DO!

Obviously, members of the Administration have yet to learn that the words MUST DO will, invariably, achieve the opposite result to the one desired, given the arrogance implied in those words.

The question then becomes: Will Democrats sit by, once again, and allow another tragedy to develop right in front of their noses?

We can only hope that, once in control of Congress, Democrats will find the pants they took off six years ago and...wear them.


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