Saturday, December 09, 2006

79 recommendations but missing the one that would, most likely, work

The Iraqi Study Group's report was released last week and was received, predictably, with loud criticism by right-wing die hards, particularly those of the "neoconservative" variety, who whined "surrender" while the left pushed for a reasonable time table for U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq.

A large number of the Commission's suggestions is focused on diplomacy, particularly the need to engage Syria and Iran in regional dialogue. Needless to say, threats and demands, the specialty of the Bush administration, will never replace diplomacy.

Since anyone even vaguely familiar with with customs and cultures in the region was well aware that Syria and Iran would reject preconditions, one cannot help but wonder why Bushites wasted so much time.

"Dumb and Dumber" comes to mind, again, and again, and again.

With Iraq in shambles and the situation in the region rapidly deteriorating, one would think that the world community would be willing to help. But, that has obviously not been the case.

Reason: As long as Bush-Cheney-neocon cabal is in charge, leaders around the globe are willing to sit back and watch 'em "twisting slowly in the wind."

Conversely, had Sen. Kerry won the 2004 election, leaders around the globe would have rushed to the U.S.'s side for no other reason than to prove that their lack of support was not driven by anti-Americanism but simply by the arrogance of the individuals sitting in the White House.

Given the enormity of their failure, it is quite amazing that the word impeachment is not being seriously considered given that two more years of failed leadership is a very high price for our nation to pay.

The fact that President Clinton was impeached because he lied about SEX becomes even more irrational when compared to the lies and distortions of the present occupants of the White House who, so far, have escaped unscathed.

Unfortunately, the Baker-Hamilton Study Group was not in a position to suggest that what was truly needed to win the war in Iraq was wide-ranging cooperation of its neighbors as well as the whole global community given that the price to pay would have to be the resignation/ impeachment of Bush-Cheney.

Given the close association of Baker with the Bush family, such a suggestion was clearly never in the cards.


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