Saturday, December 02, 2006

Role of Cheney's "Energy Task Force" revealed?

What could have been, but wasn't....

The stage was set, after the tragedy of 9/11, to achieve a major success in a part of the world that had remained largely isolated and was ruled by religious extremists whose policies dated back to the "stone age."

The world had responded to the attacks with and almost universal show of sympathy for the U.S. and a willigness to participate in what was seen as a necessary retaliation against those who had planned and implemented the attack, namely, Osama bin Laden and his sponsors, the Taliban.

Unfortunately, that was not to be since GREED rudely intruded and became the major factor that eventually led to failure.

Given its priorities, the Bush administration engaged in a half-hearted effort to oust the Taliban and go after bin Laden since their primary objective had been, since day one, the occupation of Iraq.

Result: Two tragedies instead of one success.

In an article in today's Wash Post entitled "Afghan District Makes Own Deal with Taliban," it becomes increasingly clear that neither objective has been achieved: Osama is still on the run and the Taliban was in remission and is, seemingly, on its way to full recovery.

The question then becomes: What was the Administration's rush to occupy Iraq when their full efforts should havse been devoted to Afghanistan?

Obviously, it is a question that has commanded much attention of late since the various rationales given changed drastically over time.

Hopefully, not that Democrats will be in charge of both Houses of Congress, the truth will finally emerge.

I suspect if and when they get access to transcripts of documents dealing with Cheney's Energy Task Force, much will become clear. After all, why would the V.P. go all the way to the Supreme Court and in effort to keep them under wraps?

An educated guess would lead to the conclusion that attending CEOs of energy related companies were informed at the time that they would soon have access to Iraq since the embargo would be lifted as soon as Saddam was removed from power.

Needless to say, the Administration was anxious to keep such promises from the public since Bush-Cheney were in the process of gathering "intel" that would convince the American people that launching an assault on Iraq was imperative given the "threats" posed by Saddam to his neighbor and...the world.

The fact that Saddam was not in a position to attack anyone at that point in time was obvious to anyone familiar with the facts, such as inspectors who had been on site, off and on, for years on end and had been given unchallenged access to every corner of the nation.

But, instead of allowing them to complete their job, they were hastily recalled from Iraq before they could certify that WMD were non-existent. After all, it was the LAST thing Cheney-Bush wanted to hear since preparations for war were in full swing.

What makes the actions of the Deceptive Gang so incredibly callous is their utter contempt for the many warnings they were given by individuals familiar with the complexities of the occupation of not one but two Arab/Muslim nations.

But then, GREED always has trumped reason...and tens of thousands of innocent individuals must, once again, pay for it.


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