Thursday, November 23, 2006

Charlie Rangel's exercise in awareness

Well aware that re-instituting the draft is an exercise in futility at this point in U.S. history, the question then becomes: Why is he stickin' out his neck and inviting criticism by proposing an issue that is almost universally opposed?

All indications are that his is a remainder to the American people that the issue of 'fairness' should be considered at this crucial time.

After roughly six years of GOP "occupation," the rich have grown super-rich due to Greenspan's generosity (cheap money) and tax cuts that favored the investment class. A glance at Wall Street tells the whole story as private investors, flush with cash, swallow public companies and "flip" them over making zillions in the process. But, I digress....

Much more outrageous is the fact that our nation was dragged into an unprovoked war, fought largely by those who can't afford to buy even one share of Google, let alone invest in one of the many hedge funds that have sprung up during this euphoric "wealth creation" for...the wealthiest among us.

To find a son or daughter, of those who most strongly advocated war on Iraq, volunteering for this battle is next to impossible since their parents would do whatever it takes to keep them safe at home.

After all, who would inherit the great wealth our "fearless leaders" are accumulating with their investments in, say, the Carlyle Group where earning "blood money" has been the order of the day?

As the gap between rich and poor in our nation becomes increasingly embarrassing, one can only hope that decent individuals, such as Charlie Rangel, continue speaking out if for no other reason than to point out that FAIRNESS is indeed still an American issue.

Charlie would like rich people to feel the pain, too.


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