Sunday, June 18, 2006

Will reason eventually prevail?

My good ol' buddy Dana Pico says:

Part of the problem is a real intellectual split between the party activists, who want to run on real liberal ideas, including raising taxes, and the actual politicians, who see that as a looming disaster. In the end, it is the candidates, not the activists, who decide on what they are going to run.

And in the very end, the critics among the side that loses will all claim that victory would have been theirs, if only their advice had been taken.

Correction: In the end, hopefully, the best ideas will prevail now that the majority of Americans finally realize that Cheney-Bush and their "neoconservative" cohorts have led this great nation in the WRONG direction.

For a concise summary of the Winning vs. Losing strategies, please see my previous post.


Anonymous Dana said...

I guess that we'll see, Eva-Marie. Right now there is a major intellectual/philosophical split between the mostly liberal activists/bloggers (see The Daily Kos as the most obvious example) and the Democratic politicians themselves. Had you linked my next article (and one hopes thet your readers check out my entire site and see all of them), you'd have seen the story about the stunningly bold six-point program put forth by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to lead the Democrats to the promised land.

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