Sunday, June 18, 2006

Foreign Policy: Winning vs. Losing Strategy

Cheney-Bush and their "neoconservative" cohorts promised the American people that they would win the war against "terror" regardless of cost in lives and treasure.

Why they decided to PROMOTE terrorism instead, is a mystery that escapes me.

For those who are confused, here comes a winning and a losing strategy.

Winning strategy:

a) Launch war on Afghanistan, dismantle the Taliban and capture bin Laden.

b) Establish a functioning government for the whole Afghan nation.

c) Develop a new "Marshall Plan" that would lead to real progress and prove that democracy can indeed work in the Arab/Muslim world

d) Lean on Ariel Sharon (now Olmert) to get serious about allowing the establishmen of a viable Palestinian state with E. Jerusalem as its capital.

e) Or, declare Jerusalem an OPEN CITY and INVITE Christians, Jews and Muslins to govern the city where all great religions converge. Highly recommended.

f) To end the Israel-Palestinian conflict is essencial since the humiliation of Palestinians is seen in the Arab/Muslim world as the humiliation of them all.

g) Withdraw U.S. military forces from Arab/Muslim lands given that they provoke resentment and hatred. (How would we like a foreign power establishing military bases in, say, Texas, Oregon and/or Arizona?)

h) Treat friend and foe with RESPECT as opposed to arrogance and petulance given that the latter invariably provoke more resentment and hatred.

Had these steps been taken, the U.S. would have gone a long way toward winning the war against hatred.

Losing Strategy

a) Invade Afghanistan and withdraw most troops before a serious effort to stabilize the country has been started in order to trigger an UNprovoked war against an Arab/Muslim nation, Iraq.

b) Arrogantly proclaim that nations that do not cave to our demands are "evildoers."

c) Ignore and/or withdraw from treaties that have served our nation and the world well for decades.

d) Ridicule those who worry about global warming instead of joining the efforts of those who care about the environment.

e) Antagonize friend and foe alike as Cheney-Bush and their "neoconservative" cohorts attempt to control the world.

f) Show incredible ineptness in implementing policies, both domestically and internationally.

g) Deceive the American people and the world by using intelligence to fit their policies.

h) Use secrecy as a weapon to restrict U.S. civil liberties

i) Abuse and torture individuals who may or may not be guilty of crimes thereby totally ignoring our very own Constitution.

Sadly, Cheney-Bush and their right-wing cohorts adopted the LOSING strategy thereby painting the face of the UGLY American on our nation and inflicting incredible pain and suffering on tens of thousands of innocent individuals.

What we are forced to witness is the making of a great tragedy that easily could have been avoided. Not surprising given the war mongering, deceitful gang sitting in the White House.



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