Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Neoconservatives" gain the upper hand...again

Never mind public opinion...never mind a congressional majority opposed to troop "surge"...never mind world opinion...never mind the view of the Iraq Study Group...never mind the view of high ranking military...never mind the loss of life and treasure....

Cheney-Bush-neocons and their right-wing Israeli cohorts "know best." Period.

Consequently, the final decision was made by individuals in the White House and TelAviv who are determined to continue digging the same hole as was made clear by our "fearless leader" in his address to the nation last night.

So, the massacre will continue unabated and Iraqis will continue suffering as a result of plans devised by a bunch of greedy individuals determined to gain access to the Iraq's oil infrastructure (as promised by Cheney to his buddies in the energy sector) and those who dislike Israel's neighbors and are determined to restructure the whole Middle East in their image (right-wing Israelis).

Yes, Condi will be traveling to the Middle East to "reignite" the Israeli-Palestinian peace process if for no other reason than put on a show that will lead....nowhere.

After six years and enormous costs, both in lives and treasure, the great majority of Americans have finally reached the conclusion that following blindly an individual who is clearly not up to the challenge of our times is NOT a good idea.

In the era of globalization and instant communication, using the military to force democracy on a given nation by triggering an unprovoked war, is a waste of humongous proportions.

Hopefully, on of these days Americans will realize that the war mongers who dragged us into this war should be thrown into the dust bin of history, given the enormous damage they have done to our nation and the world.


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