Sunday, December 25, 2005

My Christmas wish list....

My Christmas wish list...

1. I want my country back.

2. Impeach His Royal Lowness George II for abuse of power.

3. Impeach Cheney-the-Machiavellian for deceptive tactics.

4. Get rid of Tom-the-DeLayed for abuse of power.

5. Get rid of Bill-the-Friskie for insider trading.

6. Clean up the political system. Allow restricted individual contributions only.

7. Get rid of politicians who advocate and/or support unprovoked wars fought largely by those who are poorest while the "elite" fills its pockets with blood dollars. A highly disgusting spectacle to watch given that the kids of those who give the orders are safely ensconced in their warm nests at home.

8. Use tax payers' dollars for construction as opposed to destruction.

9. Teach science (evolution) in science class and the HISTORY of religion in history class. Other references to religion should be taught in churches, synagogues and mosques. Separation of church and state is one of the most valuable gifts we were given by our Founding Fathers.

10. Don't confuse the next generation with fairy tales in a cynical attempt to exercise political control over the "unwashed masses."

11. Decide whether U.S. employers want to hire undocumented immigrants. If they are needed to perform jobs in the U.S., they should be treated with respect and afforded the basic necessities. If not, employers should be fined for hiring illegals. Nothing else will work.

12. Individuals in power should STOP attempting to control the world. Resentment and hatred do not grow in a vaccum. It is high time to ask the question "why do they hate us" and answer it honestly: It's the double standards stupid!

13. Stop telling the American people that "Osama hates our freedoms" and respond by severely restricting those same freedoms.

14. Stop engaging in transparent double standards that inevitably lead to resentment and hatred. Is it any wonder that, say, Iran wants to become a nuclear power, particularly after witnessing the occupation of Iraq?

15. If non-proliferation is to work, ALL nations in the Middle East should be nuclear free, including Israel.

16. Declare Jerusalem, the city where all great religions converge, an OPEN CITY and invite Christian, Jewish and Muslim representatives to govern it. Such a gesture would be applauded all across the globe and serve as a much needed symbol of unity at a time where divisiveness continues growing.

17. Stop using "God" or "Jesus" to justify bloody occupations of foreign nations. It's the ultimate insult to those who truly believe in a Creator who "loves us all."

18. Stop using the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, written largely by white male mortals (as opposed to God), to lash out against individuals whose sexual preferences are not those prescribed by the majority. To use religion as an instrument to justify bigotry is the ultimate exercise in cynicism.

19. Torture is an instrument that has no place in U.S. policy decision making. Those who advocate its use, should move to a nation where it is practiced.

It's time that decency and honesty returned to our great nation. Sadly, as long as individuals are in power who have seemingly rewritten the Constitution to fit their tactics and objectives, nothing will change.

But, who knows....maybe we'll be lucky and, as we enter 2007, all those individuals who abused their power will no longer be leading this great nation.



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