Saturday, December 01, 2007

"I coulda stayed home and baked cookies...."

Hillary Clinton has come a long way since she uttered those words, words that later would come back to haunt her....

As one of the freshly baked, well-educated female professionals that would fall into the "F-AAA" category ("Assertive, Aggressive, Abrasive"), her tone and mannerism was viewed by many as arrogant (it was) and righteous. In short, it left much room for improvement.

Obviously, a very bright woman, Mrs. Clinton has come a long way from that shaky start. Much subdued in tone and attitude, she ran a very successful race for Senator of New York. Her systematic, well-planned approach to the job she ran for, her willingness to let bygones by bygones vis a vis Republicans, her thorough familiarity with the issues that mattered to voters, resulted not only in her election as senator but also to a very successful re-election.

Fast forward to the present....

As she runs for president of the U.S., the first woman with a realistic chance to make it to the top of the most powerful nation on earth, Hillary is displaying, once again, the same serious, systematic approach to running that served her so well in the past.

Fully aware that she still has high negatives as a result of the Clinton witch hunt, relentlessly pursued by right-wingers during her husband's two terms in office, she trusts that the good judgment of the majority of Americans will make it possible for her to achieve her goal. Those who have listened to her in the debates, have almost unanimously approved of the manner in which she has conducted herself: poised, well-informed and at the height of her intellectual prowess.

If there ever was a candidate who carefully studied the issues during most of her adult life, it was indeed Hillary Clinton. If there ever was an individual who learned from his/her mistakes, it was Hillary Clinton. If there ever was a candidate exposed to the demands of the White House, it is Hillary Clinton.

In sum, if there ever was a moment when this great nation needs the services of an insightful, common sensical, experienced individual to restore its rightful place among nations, Bill and Hillary have what it takes. And, yes, we will get two for one this time around. Both of them insightful and experienced.

True, Bill was dragged into impeachment procedures because he lied about sex and demonized by his opponents. However, he never lied about issues that dealt with life and death, as is presently the case in the Oval Office. Furthermore, he worked tirelessly for peaceful coexistence, as is presently not the case.

As a result, Bill is liked and respected all across the globe while, sadly, the man presently sitting in the Oval Office took the opposite approach, namely, "it's my way or the highway" and, predictably, failed.

Needless to say, Bill would be an enormous asset to Hillary as, say, America's roving ambassador in search of mutual opposed to confrontation.

A much needed change in this era of globalization when free TRADE should be front and center, not "shock and awe."

We've definitely had enough shocks during the past seven years to last us a lifetime....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary sucks. Obama will kick her ass, especially now he's got Oprah on her side. She's got all the emotional warmth of the Cyborgs in the Terminator movies.

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