Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"Armageddon," temporarily postponed?

I see that Bush's "Armageddon" has, seemingly, been temporarily postponed. given the latest conclusions reached in the NIE report.

In an article published in the Wash Post titled "The Right Nuclear Red Line" by Gareth Evans, the author correctly reaches the following conclusion after returning from a trip to the Middle East:
But the psychological arguments I heard were a different story: This is a country seething with both pride and resentment against past humiliations, and it wants to cut a regional and global figure by proving its sophisticated technological capability
Finally, an individual who seemingly understands what lies at the very core of Iran's insistence it be allowed to proceed in accordance with standards spelled out in the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

If it's one approach Arabs/Muslims will not tolerate, it is public humiliation.

The latest NIE report opens the door for a new approach to Iran, regardless of loud voices of protestation coming from Israel and their neoconservative cohorts in the U.S. Israelis would be much better served if they allowed the establishment of a viable Palestinian state since it would go a very long way toward alleviating the anti-Israel/American sentiment in the region.

Resolving this never-ending bloody saga is of the essence for the very simple reason that Arabs/Muslims see in the humiliation of Palestinians, the humiliation of them all.

Needless to say, the double-standards applied to Israel vis a vis the Arab/Muslim world are, understandably, resented.

On the one hand, Israel proclaims to be a "democracy" while on the other hand it demands to be recognized as a Jewish state, otherwise known as a theocracy. With two sets of laws, one for Jews and one for non-Jews, it can hardly be considered a true democracy.

Hopefully, the heated rhetoric emanating from the Administration will give way to serious negotiations and save the world the pain of witnessing yet another assault on a Middle Eastern nation.

Those of us who abhor war, are fed up with policies adopted by Bush-Cheney-neocons, whose war mongering, arrogant stance has been so highly counterproductive in terms of lives lost...treasure wasted...and U.S. standing in the world at its lowest level in decades.


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