Saturday, June 12, 2004

A Kerry-McCain ticket? Why?

A possible Kerry-McCain ticket is, once again, in the news this morning.

The question then becomes: WHY would Democrats want a Republican on
their ticket?

He is a "maverick," we are told, a man who speaks his mind without
regard for political considerations.  And, that is true in that he
does not always cave to Bushite demands.  .

But, is that enough to qualify the man as a leader of the Democratic party?

The next question then becomes:  If he speaks the truth, what we know
is that he strongly supports government INTRUSION into our private
lives, particularly the lives of females.

Now, last time I checked, that is not an objective the great majority
of Democrats, or other Americans for that matter, support.

Furthermore, Sen. McCain has unabashedly supported Bush in his
determination to drag our nation into an UNprovoked war against
Iraq...under false pretenses.

The next question then becomes:  Given that the majority of Democrats
supported war against the perpetrators of 9/11, whose leadership
resided in Afghanistan with cells in other nations but not in Iraq,
why would they want a strong supporter of the Iraq war on their

If candor and honesty is what most Americans want, and I strongly
suspect they do, isn't that precisely what Senator Kerry could offer
without adding a "maverick" to the ticket?

Instead of offering a rather muddled explanation of his vote "for war"
in Iraq, a vote that right-wingers have used to peg his as a
"flip-flopper," couldn't he simply state that had he known he was
being LIED to by Bushites he would not have cast that vote?

Instead, he often goes into a long explanations that only those of us
who follow events very closely understand.

Instead of caving to Sharon as Sen. Kerry did in response to Tim
Russert on "Meet the Press," shouldn't Senator Kerry make it clear
that his priority would be to END the bloody Israeli-Palestinian saga,
regardless of political cost, not only because both peoples have
suffered enough, but...because it is the most effective recruiting
tool for al Qaeda?

And, given that religion is playing a major role in this election
year, wouldn't it be great if he publicly appealed to Sharon to
declare Jerusalem an OPEN CITY given that it is the city where ALL
great religions converge, and invite Muslims and Christians to
participate in its governance?

In fact, it could become the TURNING POINT that would be viewed as the
first stage in the process to stop growing divisiveness between the
Christian-Judeo and Islamic worlds.

Sen. Kerry could make the point that the approach taken by members of
the "Bush-Sharon Axis" on the war on "terrorism" will eventually lead
to a war of civilizations.  That would be an honest assessment of the
FACTS that millions of individuals would loudly applaud, both at home
and abroad.

And finally, by keeping alive the talk of a Kerry-McCain ticket,
Democrats are obviously implying that they do not have a candidate who
could live up to the job.

NOT a smart tactic in my NSHLO...

While there are indeed many qualified Democrats for the job,  I would
suggest that General Wesley Clark is "The Man for All Seasons" at this
point in time given that he has devoted his life to defending our
nation, but...strongly emphasizes that he views war truly as a...LAST

Furthermore, he has spoken eloquently about keeping government OUT of
our private lives, something that appeals strongly not only to
Democrats but Libertarians and moderate Republicans as well.

In short, Gen. Clark has an impressive curriculum vitae based on
experience, both domestic and foreign, that covers not only the
military but, economics as well. He is an articulate speaker and,
given his life-long non-partisan credentials and Southern roots, would
be acceptable to the majority of Americans.



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