Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Reagans' long good bye...

There was much controversy associated with Ronald Reagan while in office but, as events presently unfold and fiction trumps fact in terms of accomplishments, I suspect there are two main issues that have obscured all else in the minds of most Americans.

Reagan was, undeniably, a very optimistic, friendly and charismatic individual and that goes a long way toward explaining the respect shown by friend and foe alike. Coupled with the compelling personal story of the Reagans who obviously enjoyed the supreme happiness that only true love can offer followed by the longest and saddest good bye as his memory gave way long before the rest of his body was ready to follow.

I suspect it is their genuine love story with its total devotion to each other that has captured the imagination of Americans, particularly at a point in time when relationships are more often than not, are born and die suddenly thereafter.

Yes, I was very disappointed when the Agency was ordered by the Reagan White House to treat Congressional Intelligence Oversight Committees as the enemy by keeping them in the dark. The U.S. Constitution was often viewed as intrusive and clearly ignored.

The Reagan-Bush motto: "The Ends Justify the Means," a motto that has also been adopted by the Administration presently in power with dire consequences they both refused to admit.

But, as a mere mortal, I could not help but like the man, admire their total devotion to each other and feel sadness as they were forced to say good bye in such a cruel manner.



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