Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Blessings from the Faith-based initiated....

>>The Bush Beatitudes

Blessed are they who see favor without merit, for they shall be given the keys to the Governor’s Mansion and the White House.

Blessed are the private religious schools, for they shall teach at government expense.

Blessed are the Pioneers and Rangers, for they shall vote on the best machines, enjoy massive tax cuts, pay no estate tax, stay in the Lincoln Room, and take joy rides in billion dollar subs.

Blessed are jumbo jets that fly into large American buildings and kill many people, for they shall be used to obtain votes.

Blessed is Condi Rice’s face, for it has never met a lie it couldn’t handle.

Blessed is the horrid, inexcusable failure to take a proper course of action to prevent an unspeakable tragedy, for it can be blamed on Clinton and imprecise intelligence.

Blessed are foul words, for they have a place in the Vice-President’s mouth and on the Senate floor.

Blessed are the Naderites, for they shall receive foot soldiers, attorneys, and pots of gold from their Republican opponent.

Blessed are the neo-cons, for they shall make war without ever having to fight.

Blessed are the terrorists, for their numbers shall greatly multiply.

Blessed are large corporations with connections and money, for they shall receive billion-dollar-plus no-bid government contracts and a free pass to violate environmental regulations.

Blessed are the budget deficits, for they shall set new records and see no end.

Blessed is pre-emptive war wrapped in fear and patriotism, for it shall make lawlessness appear normal.

Blessed are the children of the rich and powerful, for they can avoid war, get elected to public office, and—without visible concern—bankrupt the nation.

Blessed are fundamentalist churches, for they shall endorse Republicans and receive federal awards in return.

Blessed are the oil and gas companies, for they shall drill on federal preserves.

Blessed are the Bushisms, for they shall keep the world in mirth.

Blessed are threat warnings, for they shall turn the people into puppets.

Blessed are those who use surrogates to peddle dirt and spread falsehoods, for they shall never be held to account.

Blessed are the Swift Boat Veterans, for they shall falsely trash a real American hero and still be considered patriotic and truthful.

Blessed are those in power, for the people don’t think.

Blessed are Fox News, Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, and O’Reilly, for the people don’t think.

Blessed is integrity, wherever it may be.

Copyrighted 2004 by Sportly. Permission to freely republish is hereby granted to those who intend to vote Kerry/Edwards on Nov. 2 and to those who intend to vote Bush/Cheney on Nov. 3 or later (U. S. Supreme Court justices excepted).


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