Sunday, January 06, 2008

A soldier speaks for me and millions of others....

I have nothing to add to his comments given that he speaks the truth and nothing but the truth.

Speaking of truth, when it comes to the unprovoked war on Iraq, Mr. Ron Paul is the only Republican who has the guts to call it as it is: A major Bush-Cheney policy blunder, pushed by neoconservatives, that must be corrected by ending the war.

Huckabee, McCain and other Republicans believe that we must "finish the job" in order to "leave with honor."

Huh? Honor" What is "honorable" about using the U.S. military as baby sitters in a fractured nation that is unable to reach common ground?

Obviously, our young men and women deserve better than be dragged into an unprovoked war based on greed on the one hand and Israeli demands for "regime change" of leaders in the region who are not of their liking on the other.

Sure, we have interests in the Middle East, but enraging Arabs/Muslims by occupying their lands, is definitely not going to make us, or Israel for that matter, "safer."


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