Sunday, December 30, 2007

A question for my buddies Dana and Art

I see that Dana and Art, two of my cyberspace buddies, are still undecided as to which of the right-wingers they will vote for.

Soooooo, here comes a suggestion: How about Ron Paul?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you read Dr Paul's issue positions, they all sound like things I could support. But there's more to a candidate than simply reading his positions, and that is where Dr Paul fails for me.

In a statement reminiscent of Ward Churchill, in the second Republican debate Dr Paul virtually said that al Qaeda was justified in the September 11th attacks. And now he's trying to blame the United States for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, and claiming that we ought not to be involved in supporting the government of Pakistan, even though Pakistan is facing the possibility of takeover by Islamist militants and is armed with nuclear weapons.

He has, in effect, taken principle (his 1920s-1930s isolationism) to the point of insanity; he is simply not realistic.

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