Friday, October 13, 2006

"Fool me once, shame on you...Fool me twice, shame on me"

The fact that Bush was allowed to sit in the Oval Office, not once but twice, brings that old adage to mind.

Admittedly, I was taken aback when I realized in 2004 there were still enough Americans willing to support policies that were so highly counterproductive. In fact, I was so distraught that observant readers may have noticed that I lost interest in blogging.

As the mid-term 2006 election approaches, the question becomes: Have the majority of Americans awakened from their slumber? And, if so, will one or both Houses of Congress revert to the Democrats?

Or, will the prevailing conventional wisdom, a win for Democrats, be proven wrong even in light of the incredible ineptness displayed by the Administration?

As one who supported war on Afghanistan but strongly opposed war on Iraq, I realized shortly after 9/11 that Cheney-Bush-neocons had already decided to occupy Iraq and nothing would stop them.

Unfortunately, the great majority of Americans, including usually savvy individuals, both in government and the private sector, were totally fooled as Cheney-Bush-neocons went through the motions of getting congressional approval and pushing through a U.N. resolution based on "proof" that was highly suspect. So it goes.

The dream of so-called neconservatives to restructure the Middle East in their image was received with open arms by Cheney-Bush who, for their own reasons (read: energy corporate sponsors), happily acquiesced to the neocon plan as detailed in the "Project for the New American Century."

A comprehensive analysis of pre-war machinations can be found in an article entitled "The War They Wanted, the Lies They Needed" by Craig Unger, published in Vanity Fair on June 6, 2006.

The incredible arrogance implied in the steps proposed by neoconservatives to restructure the Middle East boggles the mind. When was the last time Arab/Muslims asked the U.S. to occupy their nations and effect "regime change?"

Based on historical evidence, Arabs/Muslims are not only proud individuals highly sensitive to foreign occupations but fiercely loyal to their own sectarian and religious ties.

For right-wing war mongers to believe our troops would be received with hugs and kisses, even as U.S. troops got rid of the Iraqis' much disliked leadership, is the height of gullibility and naivete, or plain ol' stupidity. I go with the latter....

Finally, and most important, the arrogance and bravado displayed by the Gang that couldn't shoot straight, starting with "Axis of Evil," proceeding to "bring 'em on" and "Syria and Iran know what they MUST do" and other such provocative, childish displays of bravado, practically ensured a lack of cooperation from most nations around the globe.

Hopefully, the American people will send a strong message in November, a message that informs the world that Americans will no longer blindly follow the leadership of individuals whose policies have proven, time and again, not to be in anyone's best interests.